About Spiritual Direction (Spiritual Companionship)
Lamb & Lion Spiritual Guidance Ministries
Providing Spiritual Guidance and Leadership Resources since 1993
Spiritual direction goes by many other names as well: spiritual companionship, spiritual guidance, spiritual friendship, anam cara (soul friend), and more.  It has ancient roots as a practice of assisting a person in honoring the spiritual dimension of their life and reflect on their relationship with the Divine.  My role as a spiritual companion is to aid you in your self-discovery of your inner spiritual truths and wisdom, your relationship with God, and how that relationship impacts your life and the network of relationships in your life.  I desire to provide a prayerful, hospitable, confidential (within legal boundaries) holding space for you to explore your spiritual meaning, desires, stuck places, healing needs, and hopes.  We continue in this relationship for as long as both of us feel that the Spirit is active and present and providing the subtle guidance you need.  

Most of the people I serve as a spiritual companion meet with me about once a month for an hour.  I begin by listening to their background story about what has shaped them in their life and their understanding of the divine, what prayer or other connection with the divine is like for them, and what are particular things they would like to explore--such as the dreams they would like to engage, what makes them whole, what gives them joy, where are the challenges in life, their hopes for spiritual growth, or what decisions they are facing.  What they bring to the session, or whatever emerges in recounting what has been happening in their life, becomes the focus of our time together--with an understanding that Holy Wisdom is also present and is the true guide.

I am available as a spiritual director for interested people of any faith tradition and those who do not reside in any particular tradition.  I recognize that some people have been wounded by a faith tradition, and will be respectful of them.  Some people are spiritual seekers.  Some people simply want to explore their spiritual path and are looking for a non-judgmental, hospitable companion to journey with them.  I am hospitable to men and women alike, and LGBTQ-friendly.

I now specialize my spiritual direction and guidance ministry to work only with clients who are particularly interested in doing deep exploration for inner healing, spiritual journeying, meditation visioning, dream work and other ways of engaging the deep structures of the personal and collective psyche/spiritual realms. I support the client's connection to their spiritual grounding and their profound inner work; drawing upon the ancient tools and practices of spiritual guidance and journeying that complement health, wellness, and insight.

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