About Payment for Spiritual Guidance Ministry Services

Daniel does not charge a set fee for spiritual guidance or shamanic practitioner services. However, voluntary financial compensation by the client that expresses value for the services and honors the time and expense related to developing this ministry is appreciated. No one is turned away on the basis of their restricted capacity to pay for these services, and any payment agreement should not be a financial hardship to the client. Because I am often asked: clients often offer compensation in the range of $60-$120/hour; some clients give less and others more based on their self-assessment of financial ability. Some clients are unable to make a payment. In the spirit of generosity they may wish to "pass forward" gifts or service to others.

Payments can be made by cash, check (payable to Daniel Prechtel), Zelle, or Apple Pay. PayPal charge to a credit or debit account is also available to you. 

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