Small Group Leadership Training Programs
Daniel has a collaborative relationship with All Souls Episcopal Parish, 2220 Cedar St.,  Berkeley, CA to host training programs in small group leadership for the Bay Area.  

Core Small Group Leader Training:
This is a twelve-session core training program for lay ministers and clergy for developing and leading church or community-based small groups that provide spiritual hospitality, community, formation, and mutual guidance. The participants experience a variety of small group models and explore group dynamics and leadership issues. Staff lead various demonstration groups, providing participants with a range of models. Then participants develop and lead practice groups with the class and staff providing feedback.  Training spots are limited to six students (with half reserved for All Souls members) so inquire early about the next training opportunity!  

Here is what those who recently completed the training had to say--

“During this training program, I experienced a deeper sense of divine presence through contemplative listening, hearing from others, and engaging in new practices. The course gave me valuable new tools for small group spiritual leadership and a better understanding of how this work can be transformative.”

“The depth and breadth of this training and small group, in and of itself, for 8+ weeks goes far beyond any other small group training I've ever attended (and I've attended a number). It has been truly an experience in spiritual companionship! Thank you Daniel, Rebecca, and Ray!!!”

“I never realized how much spiritual wealth there is at All Souls in forming members of the congregations as small group leaders in their own local communities and I highly recommend this leadership class to all who feel called to lead and serve in the church.”

“This training helps us be more reflective and conscious as engaged spiritual beings and leaders.”

“It builds on the individual desire for on-going spiritual formation within a supported communal context at the same time that it allows for a diversity of expressions and focus.”

"The group was led so skillfully and with such sensitivity for personal differences. I feel ready for most anything."

"In growing leadership, as this course does, I felt the power, inspiration and heart of a group which acts as a fair witness in giving feedback. Good work is joyfully acknowledged and mistakes or blind spots are revealed as opportunities for learning. Trust goes a long way in producing excellence."

Going Deeper: Continuing formation for graduates and specialists

Periodically we offer "Going Deeper" courses to graduates of our core training and for people who have specialized experience in a topical area. A Going Deeper: Healing Prayer Group Leadership course ran in Fall 2016. Here is what two participants wrote about their experience:

“For all those interested in the ministry of healing prayer or in forming prayer groups this class is a wonderful tool in helping people discern their calling to this ministry.”

“I firmly believe that small groups are a great way for The Spirit to reach us. Take the class & let yourself feel the healing that can happen.”

Contact Daniel at 224.636.2874 or at to learn more about this and other small group leadership training possibilities. 

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